About TTO

The importance of knowledge in modern economies has increased the relevance of university research as a source of innovation and thus competitiveness. NUST assumes the role of intellectual powerhouse of Pakistan, generating intellectual properties and applied research-based projects that
have outcomes for the industry with societal impact. This intellectual work is then diffused into industry through spin-offs and licensing to the existing industries.

Being cognizant of the significant role that universities  play in knowledge economy, NUST established technology transfer office in 2011. This dedicated office is responsible for the transfer of knowledge and translation of scientific results into real-world innovation. Founded in order to build entrepreneurial spirit, organise the transfer of new technological approaches, and arrange the early-stage financing of transfer projects. It  focuses to promote existing innovations developed by the university in local industry, maintaining a clear path from scientific results to commercial exploitation.

With the licensing of several IPRs, the process of commercialisation of university intellectual ownership has been set rolling. Concerted efforts are now being put in for the monetisation of similar other IPRs / projects which hold the market potential.