Spin-off 2020


AWAAZ AI Tech successfully developed AI based application which is providing interactive learning modules for Autistic Children ultimately creating an impact.


Arraytech developes Transmit-Receive-Receive (TRR) module for phased array mono-pulse radar for ground based systems.  The project was a successful indigenisation effort for potential use in air-traffic control and surveillance applications through academia-industry partnership between RIMMS-NUST and RWR (Pvt.) Ltd.


ViroScan is commercially developing a single diagnostic kit to detect multiple viruses HIV, HCV and HBV simultaneously. Simple, non-invasive, low cost paper strip would help in early diagnosis at home.


iLabel  provides  data annotation services to the AI companies and tech sector working in the domain of machine learning and AI. iLabel leverages the customized AI tools and algorithms to facilitate the annotation process.

AI Lounge

AI Lounge, strives to carry out such training camps, workshops and boot camps that  help in nurturing young talent in AI to compete in the international market and to lead companies to
exceptional performance through  automation.


Estatech is GIS based management company catering to the need of Real Estate industry. The aim of this company is to provide housing societies and apartment complexes a smart GIS based real time management system that enables a housing scheme to operate efficiently in all concerned areas.

Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SES)

Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SES) is an engineering consulting company focused on providing sustainable solutions to some of the environmental challenges in Pakistan as well as globally including; safe water provision; wastewater treatment; solid waste management; air pollution control; environmental monitoring and assessment. SES is committed to providing environmental solutions integrating in-depth research, proactive design, effective implementation, and long-term support for all of our clients.

AAFCON Consultants Pvt Ltd

Structural Engineering firm that provides consultancy on construction projects. We aim to provide solutions for construction projects and at the same time provide opportunity to students to get some real-life experience in the industry by collaborating on projects.


Engineering Designing / Consultancy / Manufacturing company of electrical and mechanical products using advanced robust manufacturing methods with low product design development cost.


Engineering service company aimed to provide low cost / indigenously developed automation and robot service solutions.


Biomedico uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide health care solutions that are specifically adapted to Pakistan’s healthcare sector. In addition, to indigenous products make it possible to bring the cost down significantly while still maintaining high international standards. We are currently working in the domain of wearable devices, Artificial Intelligent Diagnosis and AR/VR applications for medicine.